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  1. The Killer OmG

    GG for ipad pro

  2. Narsingh Honey

    What is launcher name? And its link please?

  3. AwEs0mE ._.

    Is Elon just so damn smart, his brain struggles to dumb knowledge down to mortal levels?? And thats why he says umm so much? xD

  4. apoorva donthi

    I liked him during android authority reviews

  5. Tanmay Agrawal

    Non flagship phones

  6. Damilola Ojo


  7. CodingNiclas

    I decided to take the iPad Air instead of the iPad Pro even though I think 120hz would be pretty awesome. I simply did not want to pay an extra of 200$ for a better display. I think I will be pretty happy at getting some nice Pro features like the Apple Pencil 2 and an all screen design for a more resonable price.

  8. Denzel Mana-ay

    "Flagship or Non-Flagship" Im still using the Samsung Galaxy A8(2018) One of the least popular Galacy A series of its time

  9. Justine G.

    “Grippable” really is the word for this 2020 line huh? 😅

  10. IVpeekaboo

    Just go for iPad Pro 2018 instead of this clone :}

  11. Blistering Rain

    It can stand up on its own. Yea do that if you want ur screen to crack.

  12. G4M3RCLUB

    the 8k was a little bit problem because it was too slow one word coming at minute

  13. Adr Sngp

    How tiny the 5s looks in his hands. I am going to check for the mini now.

  14. streptococcus bacteria

    Oh well. No matter how controversial apple products are, people still buy them anyway.

  15. Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley

    I’m happy to follow your channel and watch it, because you are saying the truth and I know for sure you won’t lie for anything.

  16. Nahid Hassan

    Love you dear!

  17. Adde Tjernberg

    The MagSafe wallet.... how many cards does it hold?

  18. Kehinde Adetoro

    Summary - Mag Safe is Useless, he said it nicely. Not strong enough to hold anything.

  19. Arveen Rajn

    if the ipad had a red like the coral red on the iphone 12....i'd love that colour

  20. Bizarre Generation

    iPhone 13 is gon be strictly bio

  21. Sjoerd van Loon

    I'm waiting to switch from A to iPhone. But all I can see from the Rebel, the Changemaker, is- "no usb c, no high refresh rate, no ditching of notch". If this was an Android phone no one would buy it. How did Apple changed from 'thinking different' in a "one step ahead" way towards 'thinking different' in a "one step behind" way.


    00:00 mone mone mone....

  23. atrambles

    right in the feels with this one

  24. Asnakech Shiferaw


  25. Shrek Wazowski

    This time I can thank the algorithm for the nostalgia

  26. William Mann

    Marquis are you riding the goat!? 🔺👹👌. Is Illuminati all over your body?! Lol. Joke!? Or is it?😬🤨😛

  27. Alyn Dan

    In your opinion...should I upgrade from a S7 to a s10 plus or a S20 FE?? 🙈

  28. Kaustubh Joshi

    Sony had a lot of durability and quality issues in the past compared to other phones. Consistently for 2 to 3 launches in a row. I remember having Xperia Z1 and not being able to pick up the call! These kind of bugs, software quality and everything pushed people away. And now people are hesitant to buy Sony smartphones again, just due to these reasons I believe.


    They should've put that Touch ID on iPhone 12 series not iPad. Seriously..

  30. Super knullisch

    Someone by the username of: "RAZ!" wrote the following down below: "Apple in 2030: so we removed the phone........" To that I'd say: In ten years, you'd be surprised how accurate you were, ten years ago.. ; )

  31. Prince Zuko

    MKBHD : For a 1000 bucks flagship in 2020 should get a high refresh rate screen right? Apple : Nope

  32. FJ Racing

    i am groot😂

  33. John Lickrish

    ipad air

  34. Ayush Elking

    I wish I had the money to actually buy an apple product😂 I don't think I can afford even the cheapest apple product😂

  35. Shafkhan Mohamed

    God bless you all the web developers!

  36. alyahمحمد الحلافي alhalafi

    ‏احلى مقطع❤️

  37. maths puzzles games

    looking forward for battery life test for the new iPhone 12 i hope it last's 12 hrs 🤞

  38. corp advisors


  39. Omar

    Headphones? Power brick?

  40. Rajkumar Roy

    Send me your any old iphone

  41. Carlos Almeida

    I love Sony!!

  42. Ananthu

    iPhone 12 launched KGup: iPhone 5s review ✨

  43. Africa Supreme

    good luck buying a case

  44. Fiona YL. Lai

    He nearly dropped the phone!🤣 living life dangerously🤪😂

  45. Tamilan thirukural

    My mind : எதுக்கு

  46. Parameswaran Mangalath

    I would go for I pad air, Are you planning for any giveaway?

  47. moksedul hoque


  48. moksedul hoque


  49. moksedul hoque


  50. Sachin Gautam

    Those, who is watching this video in 2020👍👍👍😀

  51. Josh K

    maybe it is because this phone has a 500$ premium over other top of the line phones...............

  52. Stefan Rial

    First time I actually like the new lineup and prices. Still won't get an apple because i'm a game developer and I like not getting screwed

  53. Ano Niemp

    The sony Z3 (mini) was absolute sh*te. They claimed it was waterproof and after 1.5 year of having to deal with their lousy customer service, because it clearly was not waterproof, they gave in and just retracted their claim. NO refund possibility, just a refurbished phone that was not waterproof, which was the whole damn reason I bought it in the first place. On top of that the glue holding the screen in place gave in after only a year of use on even the refurbished devices as well. Never buying ANY of their products again.

  54. Pizza Kitty

    I honestly can't see the difference between iPhone11 and this I mean just by its appearance

  55. kapilesh14

    I guess that Sony in reality only wish to sell the parts which provide them with huge profits. Their smartphone release is just a showcase of what their parts can do. Smartphone market is saturated now.

  56. Baracuss

    STILL 60 HERTZ. 😂 😂

  57. Gjergji Poçari

    I really like the IPad Air. I am mainly an android user but there's no comparison to Apple when it comes to tablets. The problem is I am spoiled by the IPad mini's size and portability. If they made a refresh of the mini with the new form factor (flat edges and smaller bezels) I would buy it in no time.

  58. Baracuss


  59. M


  60. Jacob Vollrath

    My only issue is the 64gb base line and price jump to 256gb on the air. 256gb costs about the same as 128 on the iPad Pro - which is the better deal?

  61. avn doctor

    There is hardly a difference in price if you choose both 128 gb variants !

  62. Lukáš Kotrus

    First of all, I must say that I am not a person who uses or needs tablets to live. But if I had to choose between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro, the iPad Pro doesn't offer enough Pro features to miss a few hundred extra euros.

  63. tim cook

    Brilliant review!!

  64. Shravan Katore

    And now we are in 2020

  65. Tea EarlGrayHot

    I want iPad Air Max.

  66. Chrysler 19

    does airpods 2 works on any wireless airpods?

  67. Uchiha Madara

    2020..stil missing the 3d touch when typing.

  68. hitesh patel

    On a serious note they are selling what they want at price what they want with features what they want. Where is the end consumer in the chain? No charger no usb c, bloody apple killed jack too. Seeling crap like magnetic wallet and cover but not giving chargers. After lauch they all sit and laugh at how dumb consumers are getting now.

  69. Ade Irwanto


  70. Jim Blue

    3:50 Marques says "...make it more grippable" and at the same time almost loses hold of the phone, that's my type of humor :D

  71. CJLucas

    This phone is a big miss for me. I've been in the upgrade program sense the iPhone 8 but i'm not upgrading this year my 11 is basically the same phone as the 12. I might upgrade to the 11 pro max tho.

  72. Aditya Solge

    Touch ID in power button is a sign that sometime in the future, either iPhone series or the pro series will get it and Apple will adopt full screen with under the screen camera and touch ID :)

  73. Max Baumfeld

    Intro Song?

  74. Obsidemon

    "I'm gonna get rid of charges cuz, environment ...but here's these new chargers and their accessories made with metal magnet and plastic, for 120€"

  75. Kushal Gera

    MORE GRIPPABLEEE... at 3 : 53 ... .. .. .. everyone : Well that didn't seem grippy !

  76. Arnold

    2020 tagline: Sony. We just can't have it all.

  77. Please Suscribe Me

    Recommended video 😹😹🥰

  78. sniper

    What the fuck

  79. siddhartha jain

    Do a samsung s7.

  80. Naineet Pujar

    Nobody Literally Nobody... During lockdown iphone lost its weight